We design beauty around people.

Everything is customised in our furnishing projects for better living. The focus is on people and their spaces, defined according to their truest and deepest needs. Since 1967 the Arclegno brand has been redesigning living spaces to meet the demands of contemporary man, proposing intensely customised solutions, whether minimal surfaces or exclusive residences, in the pursuit of beauty in the shapes and materials that decorate your home.


International projects that show Italian know-how.

For us, each design path is a challenge for man and his personality. This ability arises from a proudly artisanal mindset, creative ingenuity and in-house processing of raw materials. But also from the ability to act as a sole contact for each service relying on its participation in an international group. Years dedicated to distributing refined Italian furnishing products, the ability to anticipate styles and trends, the selection of a network of companies and high-level technologies. This is how the Arclegno brand has expanded, always dedicated to creating furnishings with remarkable expressive force, including important projects in Italy and in the world.


Structural details to make your every element unique.

From searching for spaces with refined shapes to choosing iconic objects able to interpret new domestic landscapes. In every structural detail, the requisites of perfection and durability coexist, capable of expressing both a decorating style as well as a lifestyle.

Objects that evoke new dimensions of living. Flexibility, precision and aesthetics have always permeated Arclegno creations. Engineering with interior designers and architects, made-to-measure works and environments are shaped according to your needs. That is why they are unique.


A showroom where your style can be interpreted.

There is feel of welcoming, discretion, listening. In the Arclegno showroom you breathe in our manufacturing philosophy, see the settings, the materials library, creative sets and the opportunity to rely on a dedicated furnishing technician. Collection proposals that encounter intuitions and samples of materials and woods. A space awaits where you may find inspiration and begin to conceptualise your project.


Everything is customised, like the special attention we dedicate to you.

Arclegno puts your needs first also with decorating consultancy services, right from the preliminary phase. An experience that starts from when you are welcomed on our premises and continues by mapping your preferences and, most importantly, your expectations, through continuous and direct dialogue with our project managers. The initial economic assessments are defined, getting to the heart of the project, examining in depth the production aspects and technical and regulatory requirements.

There is so much for you to rely on.
Wherever you may be.


An inspection to assess the aesthetic context and take measurements.

A dedicated furnishing technician or to support your architect.

The development of an exclusive project proposed with renderings.

Sampling and prototyping.

The tailor-made development of any furnishing element.

The possibility of choosing from catalogue collections: furnishings, appliances, lighting, accessories, doors and windows, stairs, floors and upholstery, bathroom fixtures and technological innovations.


In-house workshops for producing any furnishing element in any wood or material.

Restoring and refurbishing old or discarded objects.


The transport and assembly service all over the world.

Quality control and after-sales service.

The coordination of all workers, where required, from the technical project to any installation, also for restoring historic homes and buildings.


Wood and other materials in every form.

New stylistic expressions redefine the perception of the warmest natural material: wood. The programme of finishes and furnishings designed by Arclegno creates unique designs with new chromatic varieties that decorate spaces with elegant simplicity, without ever being repetitive. We combine innovative woods with glass, leather, metals, with forms that match your desires. We create functional, durable furnishing solutions built with respect for the environment and the people who will live in them. With our signature craftsmanship.

Woods, metals, glass, methacrylates, stones, derivatives and solid surfaces

Upholstery, leather, eco-leather, fabrics and wall coverings

Treatments and paints


We believe in the value of collaborating because it inspires us to do great things.

We place designers and companies side by side to create spaces that accompany our daily activities with style and creativity. Those who rely on Arclegno find much more than a partner. We always support architects and builders, but more importantly, people.

Let's imagine your lifestyle together.

Let us understand your preferences, we will contact you. We are ready to offer you consulting services dedicated.

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So many achievements, to begin imagining yours.

Bergamo, Italy
Project _ Arclegno

Bergamo, Italy
Project _ Arclegno

Bergamo, Italy
Project _ Arclegno