We believe in the value of architecture and are partners in it.

We develop technical partnerships with designers and architects, because we recognize their importance and the value of their creative and functional works. With commitment and artisanal expertise, we interpret the concepts of the project, innovating and experimenting with new possibilities. We give full support in order to offer ambiance and concreteness with solutions that are always customised, in Italy and abroad and for contract projects.


Welcome to Italy, neighbours all over the world.

You will find us everywhere in support of our architects. In our showroom or in international projects we accompany them with the most complete professional services: from furnishing solutions and 3D renderings, to acting as project managers and, if requested, as a contract company.  More than 50 years of experience and the reliability with which we operate, together with our participation in an extensive network, allows us to manage international commissions for furnishings for offices, stores, collective spaces and individual residences, including world-wide logistics. Our successful references in Italy and around the world are our best testimonials. 


Comprehensive services for your concepts.

We offer extensive services: from project management to logistics aspects, guaranteeing delivery and assembly in the established deadlines all over the world. The objective is to improve coordination with customers, optimising the architect’s workflow. A dedicated skilled technician always at your service. 3D projects to give a precise idea of the dimensions, spaces, and the furnishing finishes. For designers and engineers, the concept of integrated service includes access to production areas, engineering support, customisation even of details, prototyping, and sampling. The after-sales assistance for supplements and repairs is constant and well organized.


Dedicated deadlines and budgets.

We plan our creations down to the smallest details, optimizing production times through joint planning. If requested, as a works supervisor we coordinate all the workers and the technical, regulatory and bureaucratic aspects of the construction site, according to the architect’s indications. Defining the budget is always based on maximum transparency right from the initial estimates and meets the specific needs of the customer. As your sole contact, we guarantee not only custom-made creations, but also products from catalogue collections with confidential price lists. 


Our space is yours.

An ideal and discreet space designers can use with their customers where the materials library can inspire the search for creative materials and solutions. Established and emerging architects materialise their eclectic ideas all the while entrusting us with the realization of their works, from design to finished product.


State-of-the-art technology where it is needed.

We constantly invest in research and development to face and handle increasingly complex projects. We integrate the production and processing of materials with machinery of the latest generation, technologically advanced and able to give form to progressively innovative projects, such as the latest generation CNC 4.0 machines with Nesting and Folding machining techniques which optimize processing and reduce waste.


Raw materials and production.

Our operators study the technical, aesthetic and economic aspects comprising the project, in order to define the choice of materials. We process woods, metals, glass, methacrylates, stones, derivatives and solid surfaces. For the most exclusive furnishings, we carefully select leathers, eco-leathers, upholstery, fabrics and wall coverings.


The importance of sustainability.

We are concretely committed to guaranteeing respect for the environment in which we live, sustainable development and intelligent consumption. From design to production, each step is conceived of in consideration of its environmental impact, trying to minimize energy waste and discarded materials.

Tell us about your projects.

Let us know your preferences and we will contact you to offer you a dedicated consultation.

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